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St. John’s Brand

Branding-Articleby Allison Grove

Our church council has been working together to create a brand for St. John’s. This is different than our Mission and Vision statements. A brand is a combination of a term, logo, slogan, symbol, etc. that defines a church such as ourselves. In March, we had a retreat at St. Mark’s Lutheran to focus solely on this project. After discussing many questions and looking at where we are as a church, there was a consensus made. We approached this project asking what we can tell an outsider that is catchy and draws them in. We believe that this brand defines who we are as a congregation. Members of the community will see this and hopefully remember it. We are very excited and plan to run with this idea and incorporate it in everything we do. This is just the beginning of the future growth of our church.

God Matters
Relationships Matter
You Matter

Here is what we intend to represent by this,

God Matters: We can all agree that God is the sole purpose of the church and what brings us together as a congregation.

Relationships Matter: We wanted to capture the amazing relationships of our church family and our relationship to the community around us.

You Matter: No matter who you are there is always a place at our church for you. We are a very welcoming congregation and invite everyone to become a part of our family.