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Zondria Lansdowne


Program Associate

Zondria is proud to say that she is the mother of many and the wife of one. She has been married to her husband Gordon for thirty years.  They are both foster and adoptive parents.

Zondria became an ordained minister ten children ago.  She loves to sing and work for the Lord.  She has dedicated her life to training and encouraging others in God’s love.  You will see her serving the church during the contemporary service and Wednesday night at the mid-week Joy Service, sharing her musical gifts.

She is a full-time social worker in West Virginia, working to keep families together, so there will be no need for foster care or placement.

She wants everyone to know that she loves talking to people, so please feel free to call her or text or, or even carrier pigeon her day or night. She looks forward to working with everyone and especially our youth.



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